Field Service Management Solution

A simple yet innovative solution, Real Time Manager represents an alternative to the ongoing problems of managing your business. Simultaneously, Real Time Manager’s unique software technology promotes reduction in man-hours and increases efficiency.

We are the only software company that was developed specifically for the field service industry. We worked closely with businesses like you to understand what type of problems your business faces on a daily basis.

Optimize any business

Real Time Manager can optimize any field service based solutions with its service scheduling and dispatching tool.

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"Our technicians are 200% more efficient thanks to Real Time Manager"

Unlock Your Profit With Real Time Manager

Real Time Manager service management software was developed to solve common business management problems that everyone in the service industry faces. Every service call is crucial to your business.

Real Time Manager is a web-based service management software that helps you to manage all your services from a single point. It offers integrated features like GPS, short messaging system, live traffic, contact management, inventory, request management, and more.

Real Time Manager gives you everything to manage your day-to-day requests effectively. It includes dispatch control, notification system, email integration, API integration, reporting, accounting, inventory, live tracking, and more.

Real Time Manager Tools

Real Time Manager's online service management system is the most efficient way to control your company. It gives you the ability to control all of your appointments, services, employees, customer information, finances, inventory and even build your own custom features!

You will be able to view all of your job sites and their activity in real time, keep track of your paperwork and make it easy to review detailed reports that can be generated for you automatically.

Advanced Service Management Software

This system allows great flexibility and control. When it comes to managing your business, Real Time Manager is the best service management tool for the field service industry.

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